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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

With a single act of destruction, Sylvanas Windrunner has ripped open the way to the afterlife. Azeroth’s staunchest defenders have been dragged into all-consuming darkness. An ancient force of death threatens to break its bonds and unravel reality.

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Going Medieval — Foxy Voxel / The Irregular Corporation


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Not too bad

This year's Call of Duty isn't terrible — it takes the development from last year's Modern Warfare, such as cinematic loading/match starts, and an improved gunsmith, and does the usual Treyarch tweaks: primarily a slightly slower time-to-kill (TTK), emphasis on moving rather than camping (Ghost doesn't hide you from UAVs if you're sitting doing nothing), and maps with less chaotic sightlines.
Raven Software, who tackled the campaign for Cold War, have done a good job. While the story and set pieces are as predictable as ever, small options such as minor character customization and dialog choices (such as whether to capture or kill a high value target) are interesting and, unusually for a Call of Duty, there are optional side-missions that require actual puzzle solving and brainwork to complete fully and successfully. It's new and refreshing.
Multiplayer is as frantic and fast-paced as ever; veteran COD players will immediately feel right at home, especially fans of older BLOPS.

Lots of potential!

What Pokemon does better:
- Recognizable characters and character design
- Polish
- Modernization (e.g., removal of random invisible encounters)
What Temtem does better:
- Tactics and competitive play (fights are 2v2, complementary skills/types are very important)
- Multiplayer (Temtem has an open world with people running around, like MMOs!)
- Longevity (By not being locked into a cycle of pushing out a new game every few years like Pokemon, Temtem can continue to evolve)


Do you like battle royales? Yes - you'll like this
No - you'll hate this
Warzone doesn't bring anythign new or innovative to battle royale besides the name (its COD, love it or hate it)

Simple, but fun

I'm the first to admit I'm not usually one for party/crazy titles — games which are only properly enjoyed if you have friends to play with.
Fall Guys is a little different, though; it's fun to drop in and just start derping around. While it's not something that us loners will probably spend multiple hour sessions on, it's still good to fire up and have a quick giggle with.
Definitely give it a try!


The infamous DOTA Auto Chess mod quickly exploded in popularity in early 2019, creating a whole new "autobattle" style of tactical gameplay. Despite its infancy, the genre is thriving — but which is your favorite?

My review

A little overhyped with all the big streamers on Twitch playing this as the next big thing. Yeah, its pretty fun, but only in short goes. Doesnt hold attention for very long. Good party game.

good stuff

Ya, the first few days were rough with server issues (too popular!) but its come such a long way. Especially with season 2 and all the amazing new maps and skins to collect.
Grab this and play with friends

underrated honestly

I know, I know most people are burnt out on battle royale games now. Fornite killed them all. But Spellbreak is different, and very refreshing!
Imagine a BR but instead of looting guns, you grab spell gauntlets to blast everyone away with fire magic or bolts of lightning!
I love the way different elements interact (eg setting fire to a tornado for a colossal firenado, or freezing a toxic gas cloud) and the matchmaking feels great.

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