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Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive 2016

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Easily the best asymmetrical multiplayer game

So I've sunk over a thousand hours into this game. Play it daily, talk about it daily, I even make skits and video content based on the game. I enjoy it.
While there have been other attempts at asymmetric multiplayer - where one player is matched against a group of others - none come close to the replayability that DBD has.
Plus, DBD is a horror fan's dream, with iconic characters such as Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger, as well as contemporary IPs like Ghost Face and Stranger Things.

3 years ago 2 LIKES

Like Chess

Developers did something great in finding a skill-based formula for matches in a video game - learn to time this right and be rewarded etc. They cracked it. Only game I’ve really been glad to sink a couple dollars more into because... fair play.

3 years ago 1 LIKE

Dead by Daylight is a new horror, multiplayer only game available on PC, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Switch, developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. Dead by Daylight released in North America June 14, 2016, with other territories having the same or similar release dates. Dead by Daylight currently has 5 reviews on SnipCritic with a current review score of 80. Dead by Daylight copyright © Behaviour Interactive. SnipCritic has made a concerted effort in asserting the validity of information herein, but this information may have changed between the time this statement was created and the current date; SnipCritic cannot be held responsible for incorrect or invalid data. To modify or correct these details, please log in with a publisher account and submit the necessary changes.

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